Jackson R. Pfeiffer

Graduation Photo

Graduating from Duke

In 2013, I graduated college. Pictured above is Dr. Fullenkamp, a mentor of mine, presenting me with a stand-in for my diploma.

Where Am I Now?

Im currently living in Pittsburgh, PA, where I will reside for the next five or so years while I work on obtaining a PhD in financial economics from Carnegie Mellon University.

What am I doing?

Besides studying, I am working on learning some programming.

Average Day

The day starts with a morning yoga session to wake up and stretch, followed by either a run or an energizing row on my erg (rowing machine), then breakfast. When not in class, the majority of the day is to be spent productively, using David Allen's GTD system, completing readings, assignments, and personal projects as efficiently as possible. In the early evening, I like to unwind with a workout. Unless I have pressing obligations, the remainder of the day is spent reading and listening to music on my stereo.